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This Manual Handling Training Course, designed by experienced instructors accredited by QQI, focuses on workers who perform manual handling tasks in the workplace. It can be completed online, followed by a practical assessment either in-person or through video call. The course meets the training requirements of relevant regulations and aims to educate employees on reducing the risk of injuries associated with manual handling through risk assessments and proper techniques. Certification requires passing a theory test and a practical assessment. Contact details for booking practical assessments are provided.

Introducing our Experiential Manual Handling Training Course, exclusively crafted by esteemed instructors who hold QQI accreditation. Designed for diligent workers engaged in diverse manual handling tasks, this course ensures comprehensive skill development.

Unlock the flexibility of online learning, enabling you to complete the course at your convenience. Subsequently, you have the option to undergo a brief assessment at one of our hands-on centers or choose the convenience of a virtual assessment via Zoom or WhatsApp video call.

Aligned with the Health Safety Welfare at Work Act (2005) and the Manual Handling of Loads (General Applications) 2007, our cutting-edge Manual Handling Online Training course fulfills the training requisites flawlessly.

Whether you’re an employee or an individual entailing manual handling as a vital component of your occupational duties, this program holds immense value. It empowers you to grasp the perils associated with manual handling and equips you with effective techniques to mitigate injury risks. Furthermore, you’ll gain expertise in conducting comprehensive manual handling risk assessments, safeguarding your physical well-being against potential harm and long-term repercussions.

Harness the power of our avant-garde E-Learning program, accessible seamlessly through both web-based and app-based training platforms.

Certification awaits your triumph as you wrap up the modules and conquer a concise online theory test, mandating a minimum passing score of 75%. Once you’ve conquered the theoretical aspect, a swift 15-minute practical assessment awaits, aligning seamlessly with the guidelines stipulated by the HSA.

To embark on your practical assessment journey, reach out to us via email at the link provided below or simply dial 087 738 8306.

For further inquiries, we’re just an email away at Let’s schedule a convenient time for you!

Keep in mind that full certification hinges upon the completion of your practical assessment, facilitated through the aforementioned booking form. Upon arrival, kindly present evidence of your completed online course to initiate the practical assessment.

Now, let’s delve into the stimulating modules that compose this transformative learning experience:

M1: Pioneering Manual Handling Introduction

M2: Unveiling the Dimensions of Manual Handling Legislation

M3: Decoding Manual Handling Injuries and their Implications

M4: Safeguarding through Injury Prevention and Risk Assessment

M5: Empowering Manual Handling Techniques for Optimal Performance

Embrace the journey with Univate Learning Limited, your dedicated facilitator throughout this remarkable course.

Remember, upon purchase, an email will promptly notify you of the course link, granting you access to this remarkable learning odyssey.

Feel free to reach out to us at for any further queries. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.


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