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HEAD CHEF ( Private nursing home )

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POSITION: HEAD CHEF ( Private nursing home ) 8.30 to 5.30pm

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 2 years’ experience working as a chef in a similar
organisation and has a full understanding of EHO, HACCP and The Health Act 2007
Regulations as they effect the catering department.

• To promote through high standards of work, an environment that focuses on and
manages the nutritional requirements of the nursing home.
• To ensure that everything we do reflects the privacy, dignity and respect of our residents
and underpins all the basic values that contribute to an excellent quality of life.
• To ensure that all areas of the kitchen & associated store rooms are kept in a safe and fit
for purpose manner.
• To ensure full compliance with the company internal audit and the Inspection team.
• To maintain the kitchen areas in excellent condition on a year-round basis.
• To maintain the dining areas on a year-round basis in a condition that allows them to serve
as an amenity for our residents.
• To liaise with all suppliers and providers and to ensure good value and service and quality
of goods.
• To be responsible for managing the kitchen budget and ensuring the highest quality of
food stuffs is obtained for our Residents.
• To participate in Resident feedback meetings to further Resident involvement in their
• To promote healthy food options for Residents and staff.
• To manage and prepare all modified dietary needs for our Residents in a thoughtful and
attractive way to ensure accepted by Residents.

RESPONSIBLE TO: Person in Charge & RPR

• To plan, prepare and cook meals as directed by the PIC in accordance with the needs
and requirements of the residents.
• To promote an environment that focuses on and manages the nutritional needs of the
residents as well as providing food that delights the residents and meets their
• To ensure the catering department meets all the various regulatory obligations and our
own standards and policies.
• To maintain the catering department and all its associated areas, in a pristine and hygienic
manner and to ensure a tidy, warm, inviting and beautifully set dining room such as to
enhance the dining experience for all residents including those not eating in the main
dining rooms.
• To manage the kitchen staff in a reasonable and respectful manner to ensure that all the
necessary tasks of the department are met in a timely and efficient way.
• To address errors and / or poor practice within the department in a timely manner –
striving always to maintain and develop professional skills and work outcomes.
• To ensure excellence in the presentation of food to enhance the dining experience as well
as to promote excellent health and nutrition.
• To ensure a well-stocked kitchen while being economic with resources so as to provide
excellent quality food while staying within the agreed budgets.
• To ensure that a ‘home-like’ environment and atmosphere is maintained where the
resident is seen as the central figure in all decision making, ensuring that their right to
individuality, privacy, dignity, independence and choice is maintained at all times.
• To participate in announced/unannounced visits from the management team and HIQA
Inspectors, HSA, environment health, fire authority.

Key Competencies
Quality Service
• Adopts a Person-Centred approach and supports residents with dignity, care, and
• Understands, demonstrates, and respects the rights of all residents and families.
• Checks all work thoroughly to ensure it is completed to a high standard and learns
from mistakes.
• Always complies with organisational policies and procedures.
Pre-empts the needs of the resident whilst always respecting their independence
and right to choose.

Initiative & Innovation
• Generates new ideas that have a positive impact on residents and the service.
• Shows enthusiasm for trying new or alternative ways of working.
• Explores a range of options and trying new ideas whilst keeping an open mind.
• Demonstrates a proactive, motivated, can-do attitude.

Team & Collaborative Working
• Contributes consistently and positively to team activities.
• Is accepting of diverse values and beliefs.
• Willing to help others, take on different tasks/roles accordingly to meet the needs
of the team.
• Expresses view and opinions in a professional manner and in the appropriate
environment (i.e., team meetings)
• Is responsive to the needs of team members and demonstrates empathy.
• Balances listening to other ideas with sharing own thoughts.
• Cognisant of the impact of behaviour to others.
• Has the knowledge to identify and personally manage own workplace
disagreements at an early stage and know when to seek support from Management.

Communication & Interpersonal Skills
• Communicates openly and honestly.
• Shows tact and sensitivity when dealing with delicate or sensitive issues.
• Demonstrates patience when dealing with others.
• Draws on a variety of communication methods to fit the situation or persons
cognitive/hearing abilities.
• Communicates effectively in English language, written and spoken, as appropriate
to the job requirements.
• Demonstrates positive body language.

Problem Solving & Decision Making
• Makes timely, intuitive decisions to achieve successful outcome.
• Identifies and uses appropriate sources of information when making decisions.
• Demonstrates common sense when dealing with everyday issues that arise.
• Knows when to ask for help and guidance from Management or colleagues

This job description is intended to give the post holder an appreciation of the role envisaged for
the Head Chef and the range of duties. Given the nature of the work involved, it must be
stressed that maximum flexibility is required to work in the nursing home environment e.g.,
changes in duty/rotation of shifts etc. It does not attempt to detail every activity. Specific tasks
and objectives will be agreed with the post holder periodically by the Person in Charge
Please sign to confirm that you understand this role and that you accept it as described.

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