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Chef de Partie (€30/34k)

Posted 2 weeks ago

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Job Profile: Chef de Partie


  1. Station Management:
    • Manage a specific section of the kitchen, such as sauces, meats, or desserts, ensuring all dishes are prepared according to recipes and standards.
    • Coordinate with other chefs and kitchen staff to organize workflow and ensure timely delivery of orders during service.
    • Oversee mise en place, including ingredient preparation, portioning, and stocking, to maintain efficiency and readiness during service.
  2. Food Preparation:
    • Prepare and cook dishes according to established recipes, techniques, and quality standards, maintaining consistency in flavor, texture, and presentation.
    • Monitor cooking times and temperatures to ensure food safety and optimal taste and texture.
    • Taste and adjust seasoning, flavorings, and sauces as needed to achieve desired results and meet guest expectations.
  3. Quality Control:
    • Conduct regular inspections of ingredients, equipment, and finished dishes to ensure they meet quality and sanitation standards.
    • Assist in inventory management, including ordering ingredients, rotating stock, and minimizing waste to control costs.
    • Collaborate with the sous chef or head chef to develop and refine recipes, menu items, and plating presentations.
  4. Team Collaboration:
    • Work closely with other chefs, kitchen staff, and servers to coordinate orders, expedite service, and maintain a smooth and efficient operation.
    • Communicate effectively with team members to share information, provide support, and address any issues or concerns that arise during service.
    • Assist in training and mentoring junior cooks and kitchen assistants, sharing knowledge and techniques to help them develop their skills.
  5. Cleanliness and Organization:
    • Maintain cleanliness and organization in the kitchen, including workstations, equipment, and storage areas, following food safety and sanitation guidelines.
    • Assist in deep cleaning tasks, equipment maintenance, and kitchen organization projects as needed to ensure a safe and efficient work environment.
    • Adhere to safety protocols and procedures, including proper handling of knives, hot surfaces, and hazardous materials, to prevent accidents and injuries.

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Job CategoryHospitality Staff

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