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Food Safety HACCP Level 1


This course is a legal requirement for all food handlers and covers topics such as food safety, hygiene, laws and regulations, personal hygiene, food delivery and storage, food preparation and serving, premises design, pest control, cleaning, and HACCP. It helps participants understand their obligations under Irish food safety legislation and follow best practices.

Introducing our comprehensive food safety training course, which is a mandatory requirement for all food handlers. This course adheres to the training standards established by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland’s Guide to Food Safety Training Level 1. Its primary purpose is to familiarize participants with essential concepts related to food safety and hygiene.

The responsibility for overseeing and training staff members rests with the owner of the food establishment. Our FSAI Level 1 Induction Food Safety Training equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure compliance within the first month of employment.

Upon completion of this course, participants will gain a thorough understanding of their obligations under Irish food safety legislation and will be capable of implementing best practices in their work.

To facilitate your learning experience, our system allows you to progress through the course at your own pace. You can mark each page as completed and continue where you left off whenever you return!

The course is structured into ten modules, covering a range of crucial topics:

Module 1: Laws and regulations

Module 2: Food Safety

Module 3: Food Contamination

Module 4: Personal Hygiene

Module 5: Food Delivery and Storage

Module 6: Food Preparation, Cooking, and Serving

Module 7: Premises Design

Module 8: Pest Control

Module 9: Cleaning

Module 10: HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

Univate Learning is proud to offer this course, ensuring your competence in food safety practices.

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